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FAQ/Misconceptions About Hospice

Misconceptions about Hospice

Hospice is about giving up hope

Often times hospice is presented to patients and their loved ones as means of giving up. However, the purpose of hospice is not giving up; rather it is about providing quality of life to both the patient and their loved ones. Contrary to the belief, hospice encourages hope by maintaining the physical comfort of the patient and providing emotional support to those in need.

Being on hospice means that my loved one only has a couple of days to live

Although the goal of hospice is to provide comfort and support to those living with a life-limiting illness, being on hospice does not mean that the patient has a number of days to live. Contrary to the belief, patients can reap the benefits of hospice for quite some time. Occasionally, a patient’s condition may improve, resulting in the decision of whether hospice services are still needed.

Hospice was the only option

Many times, one may feel pressured in to hospice. However, hospice is a choice that is made by the patient and or their loved one. Choosing to receive hospice benefits and from which hospice company, is always a choice. Throughout the journey of hospice, the decision maker always remains to be the patient and or loved one.

Hospice is a facility

Hospice is not a place but a personalized service that caters to the individual needs of patients and their loved ones. Hospice services is provided anywhere that the patient considers home; whether that be a private residence and or a facility. A big aspect of hospice, is providing comfort and support in the place where the patient feels most at peace.

Hospice is expensive

Hospice is of no cost to patients and their loved ones. Hospice is a benefit covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal and or private insurances. Under the hospice benefit, insurances will cover the visits made by the hospice clinician and support teams, the durable medical equipment, hospice related medications and any special programs that the hospice company may offer.